The Big Button Boys

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The Big Button Boys were formed in 1926 by taking life-size casts of the then highly acclaimed “Royal Dachshund Infirmary Surgeons Band”, who performed canine inflected versions of popular hits of the time. The casts were forgotten, lost to the mists of time until, in 1982, they were discovered by a retail historian underneath the Trafford Centre in Greater Manchester. Animated by generous applications of salves, ointments, creams and menthol snuff, they have come to life for your pleasure and delectation.
The boys and myself encourage you to open your ears and your minds to their inimitable renditions from the modern repertoire. Feel the clarity of the clarinet tickle your timpanic membrane, feel the saxophone surge through your ventricle, let the powerful diction comfort your sullied soul. Watch knowingly as the world opens its arms to the strains of the Big Button Boys.

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