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Sultans Of Swing solo

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Ted is Mark Knopfler!

Rollin’ Solo

Here is a solo for Grade 5 Rockschool piece ‘Rollin’

and here’s the TAB
Rollin’ Solo

Ted plays Miserlou by Dick Dale

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Ted’s got this fast pickin’ pretty nailed, I’d say!
His guitar has been repaired by Jack’s Guitars in Hebden Bridge and the intonation is perfect!
You can find the sheet music for this here…
(apologies for my rubbish drumming)
Miserlou PDF

You Got The Pocketbook, I Got The Key

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Country blues guitar piece.

Stray Cat Strut

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The Stray Cats lookin’ pretty shady.

Here is the GuitarPro and PDF file for the Stray Cats’ classic.

Guitar Pro

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GuitarPro is a super easy and useful tool for us guitarists. It is a simple way to transcribe solos, riffs and ideas, tailored for the guitar and without many of those unnecessary frills you get with score writing programmes such as Sibelius or Finale.

It costs about £50, which (trust me) is comparatively cheap – money well spent when you begin to use it to full effect. There is also an app (for Apple, Android and Blackberry) which is much cheaper. In the app, you can’t write out your own scores, but you can load any files that were written with the program, play along with the music, slow it down or speed it up, add a click track, transpose and select either TAB or standard score. With these functions it becomes a really effective practice tool.
I often write my … Read More »