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Sultans Of Swing solo

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Ted is Mark Knopfler!

Rollin’ Solo

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Here is a solo for Grade 5 Rockschool piece ‘Rollin’

and here’s the TAB
Rollin’ Solo

Jazzy Blues solo in A

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Stairway to Heaven solo

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Stairway to Heaven lead guitar solo!

Rootie Tootie (solo in E major)

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This is a solo on an old Hank Williams track by guitarist Zeke Turner.
It’s approachable for a beginner and has lots of good stuff to practise in there.
Here’s the sheet music;

And here’s the video.
I’ve played it twice. Once at speed and once slow.

Rockschool Grade 7. Natchez Trace

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YEE HAW!!!!!

Stray Cat Strut

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Here is the GuitarPro and PDF file for the Stray Cats’ classic.