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Riff Club

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Saturday morning’s getting heavy!

Gig4Kids raging success!

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The kids wanna rock!

Ted plays Miserlou by Dick Dale

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Ted’s got this fast pickin’ pretty nailed, I’d say!
His guitar has been repaired by Jack’s Guitars in Hebden Bridge and the intonation is perfect!
You can find the sheet music for this here…
(apologies for my rubbish drumming)
Miserlou PDF

Tom plays Rockschool grade 3 bass piece.

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Great, confident playing from Tom.

Stairway to Heaven solo

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Stairway to Heaven lead guitar solo!

Joe Bonamassa!

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Joe Bonamassa channels Jimmy Page.

Seven Nation Army

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Seven Nation Army backing track

Mr. Read plays Crawler

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A proper musician in the making.

Rockschool Grade 6. Demo 1 (That Sounds Like Noise)

I’ve recorded some demos of the Grade 6 Rockschool guitar pieces.¬†Here is the first one.

A bit of auto-wah and some basic tapping… yummy in my ears!

Oscar plays Wipeout

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Here’s one of my students rocking out the classic old surfer anthem ‘Wipeout’.

with me thumping tubs.