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AUTUMN LEAVES with sheet music

Here is my transcription of Martin Taylor’s arrangement of the jazz classic ‘Autumn Leaves’. I’ve enrolled for a year with Martin’s Guitar Academy on the Artistworks website, and it’s given me great inspiration. I haven’t played this much guitar in years.

HERE is the sheet music.

and here is the video…

Skylark Jazz Arrangement

Here is my arrangement of Skylark, by Hoagy Carmichael. Adrian Ingram first introduced me to this song, and it’s fascinated me ever since.

The song is originally in Eb, but I’ve moved it down to D for guitar. The chord progression is always finding new ways to surprise us, and the middle section is especially inventive, moving from the key of D to G, Em then F#(!) before coming back home to D. Sublime! I will never stop loving this song!

Congratulations Rory

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Grade 8, mate.

Striped Shirt by Rory Stocks

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Rory in jazzland!

Jazzy Blues solo in A

Rockschool Grade 6. Demo 2 (Striped Shirt)

Here is another example of the Grade 6 Rockschool syllabus.

This is the ‘jazzy’ one!


I Bet You Look Good

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Last night we played in a cracking little club called Diesel in Cluj. Finally we got to show the Romanians what we could do. This video was recorded by our tour manager, Alex.

Autumn Leaves 60bpm

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A study in C and Am