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Seven Nation Army

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Seven Nation Army backing track

Laughing Funkster (Dm jam)

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This is just a one chord groove.
Use any number of Dm scales to jam on this track.
I strongly suggest starting with the good ol’ minor pentatonic (D, F, G, A, C, D),
moving onto the Dorian minor (D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D),
Then venturing into natural minor territory to taste the fruit of the minor 6th note (D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C, D)

Rory’s A Minor Jam

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This is a 12 bar blues track I made for one of my students.
It’s a standard 12 bar progression in a minor key, so all the chords except the dominant chord are minor.
like this;
Am / Am / Am / Am /
Dm / Dm / Am / Am /
E7 / E7 / Am / E7 //

Use an A minor pentatonic scale to jam on it and use it to practice staccato chord hits and inversions.

A Aeolian Minor

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This track uses 4 chords from the key of C major.
Am /G /F /Dm
You can use the C major scale to improvise on this, but if you start the scale from the note A (the 6th note in the scale) you get a very cool sounding minor scale called A aeolian minor.
If you play this at 5th position on the guitar, you will find some very tasty sounding stuff.
Dig in.

The Major Pentatonic Scale

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The major pentatonic scale is a super simple and expressive scale.
It has a very different feel from the minor pentatonic scale and this tutorial aims to get you improvising on a short backing track in the key of G major.
The chord progression is
G /G /C /C
D /D /G /G x3


Using Arpeggios to Jam

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Get your arpeggios into the jam!

Minor Blues in Gm

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Another jam track for your fingers to play on!