Some jazzy chords to the tune of Dad’s Army.

Posted on July 10th, in Intermediate Lessons. 3 comments

What a great tune to jam on!
Watch the video to hear how it sounds, then the chord chart and diagrams lead you through the changes.
Be aware that on the chord diagrams there are no fret numbers. This does not mean everything is at the first fret! The root notes are circled. This way, you should be able to use these shapes in any position to get different chords.

Dad's Army chord inversions

Dad's Army chart

3 responses to “Some jazzy chords to the tune of Dad’s Army.”

  1. Jamie Kitson says:

    I should say a big Thank You for your ‘Dad’s Army’ arrangement, Brian. I’d wanted to close my pub open mic set with it as a quirky piece of fun, and was going to use very basic chords in either D major or E major. But your version in the original Eb major is far, far better. Many thanks again. Jamie Kitson

  2. andrew howe says:

    I was thinking back to happy times, reflecting how mother and I enjoyed Dads Army. As souls manifest a harbour, i harvested the theme. I quickly ran into trouble with what seems like an easy melody.
    Thanks Brian, the lesson made the top ten for me

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