Recording acoustic guitar

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I’m doing some home recording and here is how I make sure I get a good, consistent sound.
I have a stereo pair of small diaphragm condenser mics (röde NT5s) and I listen to each one separately using closed headphones. I move the guitar around the mic as I play, listening to the different qualities of sound on the soundboard. I want two distinct tones. One round and bassy, but not boomy, and one punchy and bright. I have found that close by the neck, near the hole, I get bass, and down under the bridge I get the mid and high. When I’ve got the two points, I use stickers to mark them. That way I get consistency across my takes.
When I have finished, I’ll probably pan them both fairly central in the mix. Perhaps placing the bassy one at 1 o’clock and the punchy one at 2 o’clock.
Here’s how they sound…

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