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Sitting around binge watching Netflix? Me? Mais non!

Since April I’ve been using a platform called Coursera to study some subjects I’ve been interested in. It began with a course called ‘Moralities of Everyday Life’ taught by the esteemed Paul Bloom. I’ve been listening to Paul Bloom for years now, as he appears routinely on various Podcasts including ‘Making Sense‘ (with Sam Harris) and ‘Very Bad Wizards‘, and when I noticed that he had an online course on Moral Psychology, I was right in there. I loved every bit of it, and I was hungry for more… so…..

I decided to do a course by Berkley College on ‘Creating Sounds for Electronic Music’ which led me to tidying up my productions skills with a course called ‘The Technology of Music Production’. This 4 week course takes you through a great deal of basic music production, and is explained methodically and thoroughly. I tightened up my years of experience and I’m definitely more focused and informed with my production skills.

Then I was able to do a short (4week) course called ‘An Introduction to Ableton Live’ which demystified a very unusual new DAW (digital audio workstation). I’ve been making a great deal of electronic music this year, and Ableton is a DAW which is optimised for electronic music production, so it’s great to be able to use that powerful program to produce my music.

I’m taking a break from learning online at the minute, but I intend to return in a month or so and finish the course ‘Creating Sounds for Electronic Music’ – giving me a new palette of sounds and a deeper understanding on the synthesis of sound, something which I am already deeply involved in 2020.

I had never previously considered this sort of online learning, but these courses were truly fabulous. Why not to something yourself? Learning – it’s the new ‘pub’.

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