It’s Gonna Be A Stringy Xmas!

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Just something more days til Xmas!!

I was giving some online workshops, funded by Hebden Royd Town Council, and one of the learners was a refugee from Yemen. She had a fairly bad guitar, and it’s not good learning on a bad guitar (buzzing notes, sore fingers, frustration etc). I wanted to tweak the guitar but you can’t reach through a computer screen. It gave me an idea…..

so.. I put a post on Facebook – a call-out for old, forgotten, dusty guitars. The one that were bought for xmas, but were lonely by February. “Send me your guitars…” I said, “…and I will repair them and restring them and bring them to the refugee centre in Halifax.” Well……. I ended up with about ten guitars, almost all in great shape, just dusty and in need of new strings. A tribute to the good in human nature.

Then I realised I was going to have to spend about £80 on strings! Now, times are tough for us musicians, so I posted another call-out… this time for money to buy strings. Hallelujah! Within two hours I had £90! More than enough to buy new strings for all the guitars.

I like making instruments happy; cleaning, restringing, calibrating, tuning and playing, but I like making people happy even more. In a few weeks, when I have all these misfit guitars shaped up and ready, I’ll drive over to Halifax and drop them off.

Like I said… it’s gonna be a very stringy Xmas!!

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  1. Michelle says:

    This is a beautiful gesture and from you Brian I would expect no less . Your kindness and volunteer spirit haven’t changed in 25 yrs . Remember you brought me home from a general anaesthetic after wisdom tooth surgery and 25 yrs later I don’t know what I said or did but I knew a good friend was looking after me

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