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Order Guitar Pro 6, and also get our guitar-playing method for free.
GuitarPro is a super easy and useful tool for us guitarists. It is a simple way to transcribe solos, riffs and ideas, tailored for the guitar and without many of those unnecessary frills you get with score writing programmes such as Sibelius or Finale.

It costs about £50, which (trust me) is comparatively cheap – money well spent when you begin to use it to full effect. There is also an app (for Apple, Android and Blackberry) which is much cheaper. In the app, you can’t write out your own scores, but you can load any files that were written with the program, play along with the music, slow it down or speed it up, add a click track, transpose and select either TAB or standard score. With these functions it becomes a really effective practice tool.
I often write my exercises and lessons on GuitarPro. These exercises can easily be downloaded and used with the app to help make a simple and efficient practice routine. There is a huge community of guitarists who share their GuitarPro files (GPX) on the forum although these are not always very well written.
I strongly recommend you buy the program and the app. Transcribing ideas, licks and riffs is an essential part of being a guitarist, and GuitarPro makes it quick, easy and simple.

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