Rock Guitar Lessons

So you’re into electric guitar. You want to play like Matt Bellamy or Tonny Iommi. No problem.

We should have a lesson, suss each other out a bit, and take it from there. I’m sure, even if you’ve been playing for a while, that there will be some excellent pointers I can give you to bring you forward. We can get you playing along to your favourite tracks, soloing over blues and rock, even composing your own music. I can expand your knowledge of music or give you an excellent first glimpse of how it all works.

If you don’t yet have an electric guitar, I am very happy to give advice.
If you have a pedalboard which is just a bunch of buttons, we can decode it.
If you want to do Rockschool grades, we’ll do it.

I love playing rock guitar. It’s one of my treats. It’s easy and raucous.
Like smashing up a glasshouse, without smashing up a glasshouse.