Guitar Lessons for Kids


Matt pulling his first ever 'Guitar Face'.

Matt pulling his first ever ‘Guitar Face’.

The guitar is a brilliant instrument to pick up when you’re young because it’s easy to carry about and so many great tunes are written for it. The youngest student I ever had was about 7 years old, which I think, honestly, is about the youngest age you can pick up a guitar and try to make music. We learnt ‘Smoke on the Water’ and ‘James Bond’ and it was a laugh. He is now reading music and we are still pushing forward at our own pace. Soon he will have an electric and we can start to kick on the distortion pedal!

What is the perfect age to start to play guitar? I’d seriously say about 10 years old. You’re never too young to learn music, but to play the guitar, you need a bit of strength in your fingers or it can be quite frustrating. If I am teaching a younger kid, I will concentrate a lot on rhythm. Rhythm is the most important aspect of music, and something that many older students have trouble with. To get a good feel for rhythm is a wonderful foundation to build on. Then I think simple melodies and reading music is a great next step.

The ukulele is an excellent introduction to the guitar because it is cheap, tiny and really easy to play. If you have a small child who wants to get into guitar, you can’t go wrong with a uke. They can throw some fantastic rock poses with it, and heck, if they throw it away, why don’t you pick it up?