Guitar Lessons for Adults

I have many adult students, from total “I’ve always wanted to…” beginners to “I can play, but….” guitarists. Of course both of these types are more than welcome at my door. If you’re nice, I’ll even make you a cuppa.

I find it much easier to develop a program of learning for adult students because they are more outspoken. It’s important that I first get a feel of where you want to get to, then have a listen to where you are, then we can figure out a good path for you. Most of the things people want to be able to do are pretty simple.

“I want to sing and play.”
“I wish I could take my fingers further up the neck.”
“I’d like to fingerpick.”
“I want to enhance my blues.”

These are all achievable goals. Give me a call and I can give you some advice down the line. If you like what I say, we should hook up.