Dear God! You’re learning the what?

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The FLUTE, damn you!
And yes, those ARE new glasses.
And yes, perhaps that’s the start of a beard, but let’s not get distracted!
I’m learning how to play the flute. Why? Well, I guess I’m a little bit bored of strings and I want to try something completely new. It’s pretty easy to pick up because I can already read, and it’s fun to play melody on an instrument with real sustain. I guess it’s the opposite of the banjo uke which I’ve been spending time with this summer. The sound from a banjo uke is short and sharp, whereas the sound from a flute is long and round. It’s also good to remind myself what it’s like to learn something completely new. I suppose it helps me to be a better teacher, even.
Once I’ve got something presentable, I’ll post a video, but for now you’ll have to make do with this, rather frightening, photograph.

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