Skylark Jazz Arrangement

Here is my arrangement of Skylark, by Hoagy Carmichael. Adrian Ingram first introduced me to this song, and it’s fascinated me ever since.

The song is originally in Eb, but I’ve moved it down to D for guitar. The chord progression is always finding new ways to surprise us, and the middle section is especially inventive, moving from the key of D to G, Em then F#(!) before coming back home to D. Sublime! I will never stop loving this song!

It’s Gonna Be A Stringy Xmas!

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Repairing old guitars for new hands.

Practising Scales 1.1 – C major and A minor

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These are the first two scales any musician should learn, and I have made a short video to illustrate this worksheet.


Zombie Workshops and Parade 2018

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Zombie Apocalypse!

Back from Glastonbury

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Hi, just a little post to say I had a great time at Glastonbury with Diane Hammond, playing my Black Sheikhs arrangments every day in the Rocket Lounge
Here are some shots of the week, and below is a video of the LEGEND Michael Eavis singing with the band.

Yee Haw once again!

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Yup, I’m off on tour again til 17th November, so no lessons til then.
I’m touring country music again. Great fun for a guitarist.
I’ll post some video and photos once the thing kicks off.
Check Ya later!

Fried Beanz

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Here is a backing track to play along with the A Dorian Minor scale, which is the 2nd Mode of the G major scale.
You can also use the A minor pentatonic scale to improvise on this track.

Country music in my soul!

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I’ve been on tour with a Patsy Cline tribute show for the last two weeks, so I haven’t been available for any lessons. It’s so enjoyable to get all these great country licks under my fingers and to play in such wonderful venues with a great band.
We started off with 4 gigs in Ireland. First Waterford Opera House, then Kilkenny at the Set Theatre, the Helix in Dublin and finally Cork Opera House. Playing in Cork Opera House has been something I’ve wanted to do since my days touring Ireland in Watercress, so it was wonderful to get onto that stage.
The gigs went really well, with the awesome Sarah Jory acting as musical director. It was great to visit Eire again after so many years and great prep for the UK tour which is now well underway.
I’ll keep you posted … Read More »