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I was looking for Irish music online and I found this incredible document.

Some kindly soul has scanned in a huge collection of melodies and made them available here,_George)

I’m not trying to get you into Irish music , but this is a wonderful document to practise sight reading. It has literally hundreds of short melodies in various keys and time signatures, and there are some real gems in there, too.

I strongly urge you to download this and make it part of your daily routine.

Your reading, as well as your grasp of keys and time signatures, will leap forward.

Spraoi a bheith agat!

Guitar strings

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I have restocked with guitar strings. I have D’Addario electric strings at £5.50/set and Martin FX strings at £7/set. Both these string sets are the sets I use on my guitars and are beautiful strings.
To make your strings last longer, wash or at least wipe your hands before you play and carry a cloth with which to wipe the strings clean after you play.
You will find that caring for your strings in this way makes for a much sweeter guitar in terms of feel and sound.

You Got The Pocketbook, I Got The Key

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Country blues guitar piece.

A Aeolian Minor

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This track uses 4 chords from the key of C major.
Am /G /F /Dm
You can use the C major scale to improvise on this, but if you start the scale from the note A (the 6th note in the scale) you get a very cool sounding minor scale called A aeolian minor.
If you play this at 5th position on the guitar, you will find some very tasty sounding stuff.
Dig in.

Fried Beanz

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Here is a backing track to play along with the A Dorian Minor scale, which is the 2nd Mode of the G major scale.
You can also use the A minor pentatonic scale to improvise on this track.

The Major Pentatonic Scale

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The major pentatonic scale is a super simple and expressive scale.
It has a very different feel from the minor pentatonic scale and this tutorial aims to get you improvising on a short backing track in the key of G major.
The chord progression is
G /G /C /C
D /D /G /G x3


You NEED this metronome.

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This is the tuner metronome that you should buy.
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to use a metronome when you are practising and this one is bulletproof.
It is a 2in1 product, so you don’t have to buy/carry two things and it is well made and won’t break.
I sound like a salesman, but I’m just trying to save you stress in the long term.
Please buy this if you don’t already have a metronome.
The cheapest place I’ve found is GAK.

Stray Cat Strut

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Here is the GuitarPro and PDF file for the Stray Cats’ classic.

Guitar Pro

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GuitarPro is a super easy and useful tool for us guitarists. It is a simple way to transcribe solos, riffs and ideas, tailored for the guitar and without many of those unnecessary frills you get with score writing programmes such as Sibelius or Finale.

It costs about £50, which (trust me) is comparatively cheap – money well spent when you begin to use it to full effect. There is also an app (for Apple, Android and Blackberry) which is much cheaper. In the app, you can’t write out your own scores, but you can load any files that were written with the program, play along with the music, slow it down or speed it up, add a click track, transpose and select either TAB or standard score. With these functions it becomes a really effective practice tool.
I often write my … Read More »

Using Arpeggios to Jam

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Get your arpeggios into the jam!