IReal Pro app

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This is a wonderful tool for practising.
I use it almost every day, and I strongly recommend you buy it.
You can use it to practise scales, chords, strumming, soloing, improvising.
Check it out.

Stairway to Heaven solo

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Stairway to Heaven lead guitar solo!

Rootie Tootie (solo in E major)

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This is a solo on an old Hank Williams track by guitarist Zeke Turner.
It’s approachable for a beginner and has lots of good stuff to practise in there.
Here’s the sheet music;

And here’s the video.
I’ve played it twice. Once at speed and once slow.

G Major jam track

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This is a simple chord progression in G major.
The chords are;
G /G /C /C
D /D /G /G

Cry of Achilles (Alter Bridge) intro

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Download it HERE

Seven Nation Army

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Seven Nation Army backing track

Laughing Funkster (Dm jam)

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This is just a one chord groove.
Use any number of Dm scales to jam on this track.
I strongly suggest starting with the good ol’ minor pentatonic (D, F, G, A, C, D),
moving onto the Dorian minor (D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D),
Then venturing into natural minor territory to taste the fruit of the minor 6th note (D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C, D)

Rory’s A Minor Jam

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This is a 12 bar blues track I made for one of my students.
It’s a standard 12 bar progression in a minor key, so all the chords except the dominant chord are minor.
like this;
Am / Am / Am / Am /
Dm / Dm / Am / Am /
E7 / E7 / Am / E7 //

Use an A minor pentatonic scale to jam on it and use it to practice staccato chord hits and inversions.


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I was looking for Irish music online and I found this incredible document.

Some kindly soul has scanned in a huge collection of melodies and made them available here,_George)

I’m not trying to get you into Irish music , but this is a wonderful document to practise sight reading. It has literally hundreds of short melodies in various keys and time signatures, and there are some real gems in there, too.

I strongly urge you to download this and make it part of your daily routine.

Your reading, as well as your grasp of keys and time signatures, will leap forward.

Spraoi a bheith agat!

Guitar strings

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I have restocked with guitar strings. I have D’Addario electric strings at £5.50/set and Martin FX strings at £7/set. Both these string sets are the sets I use on my guitars and are beautiful strings.
To make your strings last longer, wash or at least wipe your hands before you play and carry a cloth with which to wipe the strings clean after you play.
You will find that caring for your strings in this way makes for a much sweeter guitar in terms of feel and sound.