Compositions, Transcriptions, Arrangements

AUTUMN LEAVES with sheet music

Here is my transcription of Martin Taylor’s arrangement of the jazz classic ‘Autumn Leaves’. I’ve enrolled for a year with Martin’s Guitar Academy on the Artistworks website, and it’s given me great inspiration. I haven’t played this much guitar in years.

HERE is the sheet music.

and here is the video…

Skylark Jazz Arrangement

Here is my arrangement of Skylark, by Hoagy Carmichael. Adrian Ingram first introduced me to this song, and it’s fascinated me ever since.

The song is originally in Eb, but I’ve moved it down to D for guitar. The chord progression is always finding new ways to surprise us, and the middle section is especially inventive, moving from the key of D to G, Em then F#(!) before coming back home to D. Sublime! I will never stop loving this song!


Here’s my transcription of Blackbird by Paul McCartney

A Soldier’s Things by Tom Waits

Please don’t kill me for covering Tom Waits.

Rollin’ Solo

Here is a solo for Grade 5 Rockschool piece ‘Rollin’

and here’s the TAB
Rollin’ Solo

Jazzy Blues solo in A

Brand New Rag

Here is the latest Guitar/Ukulele duet I’ve written for myself and Phil to play.

Let’s Face The Music and Dance

The banjo ukulele, my clandestine affair.

Rockschool Grade 7. Natchez Trace

YEE HAW!!!!!

Rockschool Grade 6. Demo 3. (Favela)

A samba from Rockschool.