It’s Gonna Be A Stringy Xmas!

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Repairing old guitars for new hands.

Lockdown Learning

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Online learning – It’s the new ‘pub’!

Building my workstation

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Bring in the robots!

Will it Never Stop?

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Here is one of the songs I wrote for the story – A Drama Llama – by the BRILLIANT Alan Scully.

Featuring –  Daz Jones – Sousaphone

Kath Ord – Violin

History of Distortion

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Loud is More Good

Hebden Bridge Pumpkin Festival 2018

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Pumpkin Festival 2018

Riff Club

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Saturday morning’s getting heavy!

Waveforms… how your guitar makes sound.

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Click on this to experience an interactive explanation of sound.

Gig4Kids raging success!

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The kids wanna rock!

Jazzy Blues solo in A