Boo Hoo!

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It’s the last gig of the tour today in sunny Lowestoft by the sea.
The tour has been spectacular fun and its a shame to end it. Especially now that I’ve got all my yee haw country licks up to speed.
Usually, on the last night, everybody plots nasty tricks to play on eachother during the show, and tonight is no exception. We have our jape planned for the lead artist, but what has she planned for us?? Electrified mics? Air gun from the wings? Can’t wait to find out!

Guitar leads unplugged before I went onstage.
Talcum powder on the drums.
Water bottle superglued to the riser.
Vodka instead of water for lead artist.
Fart sounds in the monitor.
Masks onstage.
Etc etc.

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