Lockdown Learning

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Online learning – It’s the new ‘pub’!

Building my workstation

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Bring in the robots!

Practising Scales 1.1 – C major and A minor

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These are the first two scales any musician should learn, and I have made a short video to illustrate this worksheet.



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Maybe now is the BEST time to learn something new….

Will it Never Stop?

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Here is one of the songs I wrote for the story – A Drama Llama – by the BRILLIANT Alan Scully.

Featuring –  Daz Jones – Sousaphone

Kath Ord – Violin


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1.1 C Major and A minor

1.2 Two Octave Scales

Zombie Workshops and Parade 2018

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Zombie Apocalypse!


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Here’s my transcription of Blackbird by Paul McCartney

History of Distortion

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Loud is More Good

Introduction to Travis picking

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This video is a reference for my lesson ‘Hollow Log’ – an introduction to Travis Picking.
The song ‘Hollow Log’ is by Beck, from his album ‘One Foot in the Grave’. I have tidied it up and it is a great intro to this style of picking.

Fingerstyle Travis 1 – Hollow Log – CLICK HERE FOR PDF