Guitar Lessons

Good afternoon. I’ll be your pilot for today.

I’ve been a professional guitarist for 20 years, I’ve toured the world playing rock, jazz, pop, country and even ukulele. I’ve been teaching for 10 years, to students from seven to 70. Whether it’s strumming and singing at home, your first school rock band performance or mastering jazz chord changes, I can help you.

I make lessons as enjoyable and entertaining as possible while ensuring that we cover the solid musical base of what you’re trying to learn. While it’s your job to go away and practice that killer riff, it’s my job to make sure you know why it sounds so great. I can also show you why it does and even give you the musical grounding to come up with some of your own.

Would you like to be able to play your favourite songs on guitar? Would you like to do grades on guitar? Would you like to develop further as a musician? Maybe play a gig? Join a band? Or finally be able to answer the question of ‘Can you play guitar?’ with ‘Sure, what would you like to hear?’

Of course you would. Why not come for a lesson and see how we get on?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you teach?

In a custom built studio in Hebden Bridge. I also teach at local schools and I have a few students who I teach in my home studio.

Do I need my own guitar?

Not necessarily. You’re welcome to bring your guitar, but if you don’t have one, I can let you use one for the lesson.

Do I need an amp?

No, don’t bring one. You can use one of mine.

Do I need to be able to read music?

No. You don’t.

Really? Do I need to be able to read music? No… However, I can show you why learning to read it is a great skill to have. It’s the key to understanding music. When you understand music, you can make better music.

Do you teach kids?

Guitar? From about seven. And no one is ever too young for the mighty ukulele! See the Guitar Lessons for Kids page.

Do you teach old farts?

If you can still hold a guitar, you can still rock.

Are you fully CRB Checked?

Yes I am. Full details happily provided on request. I teach at Calder High and need to be fully certified.

Will you teach ‘Stairway’?

Of course I will. I love Stairway. I’ll also teach you why those chords work so well.

Do you know the riff from ‘Plug In Baby’?

Yeah, and I’ll show you who he nicked it off.

Are there printouts and homework to take away?

Yes there are. I love students that love homework. My resources page is here to help.

How much practice will I have to do between lessons?

None at all. But then you won’t get any better! The more you put into practice, the more I can teach you and the quicker you’ll progress.

Do you teach bass?

No, but I know a great bass teacher who does.
For bass guitar lessons in Calder valley, you should check out Bruce Reid.

What time are your lessons?

There’s not much call for 2am lessons, but I’m happy to work around everyone’s timetables to find a time that suits.